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About Us

Yona Spices since 1981, and located in Weesp . Yona Spices specializes in grinding, mixing and packaging of herbs and spices. Yona Spices focuses on hospitality and professionals, but also on retail and consumer. Through our knowledge and skills we can advise our customers and help to create the right flavor combination for any dish.


Yona Spices collaborates with renowned importers who import for years herbs and spices to the Netherlands. Our importers are constantly traveling the world looking for the best quality herbs and spices. This ensures that Yona spices can continuously ensure the quality of its herbs and spices.

Food Safety

Yona Spices offers an extensive range of machinery which offers different packaging options. Hygiene and food safety is our top priority, so we have separate storage and production areas and we make sure that the temperature and humidity remain constant.

Sales and Deliveries

Within the retail segment, we work with our own representatives who directly liaise with our customers. Our representatives come to the customer along to take orders, and will then deliver himself and place on the shelves. This creates good trust between our representatives and our customers so that there can take place an ongoing collaboration.
For the Food Service we are constantly in motion. We constantly create new flavors and innovative ideas. We work closely with wholesalers in the catering and food industries.