Coating & Seasoning

Coating & Seasoning
Snack Food Industry have products such as crisps, extruded snacks and nuts that Yona Spices choose from a wide range of coatings and seasonings .
We use for our coatings and seasonings herbs and spices combined with aromas of smell and taste. For the adhesion of the coatings and seasonings we use vegetable oils.
Therefore we manage to a very surprising product variants produced alongside with all major products in this segment!

Examples of standard products for the snack food industry are:

  • Chilli seasoning
  • Cheese seasoning
  • Sour Cream Seasoning
  • Sour Cream onion seasoning
  • Texas seasoning
  • Yakarta seasoning
  • Natural coating for nuggets by chef Francis
  • Chile coating for nuggets by chef Francis
  • Sugar cinnamon coating
  • Schnitzel natural coating
  • Schnitzel coating piquant
  • Schnitzel yellow coating
  • Schnitzel coated red