Shawarma & Döner Kebap

We have by Yona a wide selection of ready-made doner kebab and spice mixtures. We use our blends herbs and spices combined with taste refiners for smell and taste. For binding for the döner meat meat we use only natural products. Because of this we succeed to produce very surprising product variants in addition to all major products in this segment!

Examples of standard products for the shawarma and döner industry are:

  • Shawarma Spices Yona Special
  • Shawarma Spices YONA
  • Shawarma Spices Amsterdam
  • Shawarma Spices Los Angeles
  • Shawarma Spices “R”
  • Shawarma Spices Eilat
  • Shawarma Spices Turkic Style
  • Turkisch Egypt style
  • Turkisch Israel style
  • Döner mix for veal mince
  • Döner spices Yaprak
  • Döner spices for chicken
  • Döner spices for turkey
  • Yona Spices also work with Tawor wholesaler, our entire products are also at Tawor available .